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The transition of Somalia from a military dictatorship to fractional fiefdoms of military rule has contributed to the deterioration of security in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

The resulting increase in hijackings in 2008 was initially restricted to those vessels that strayed too close to land: this is now no longer the case.

Piracy has spread throughout the Indian Ocean and further afield including the South China Sea and the Gulf of Guinea.

To combat this threat, we provide experienced Counter-Piracy teams who offer 24-hour protection. We establish a security plan specific to each vessel, construct physical security measures, and train the crew in counter-piracy procedures.







We provide technical and operational security consultancy during the build planning
and design phase of new vessels. We have expertise in the technical capabilities,
design and installation of bespoke security systems such as: diver detection sonar;
high definition counter intruder radar; CCTV; infra-red and thermal imaging cameras;
biometric and radio-frequency identification for access control; deck sensors;
and external and underwater lighting.

After an initial briefing from key stakeholders within the design team, we work closely
with the construction team to provide an overview of the security options available.
We ensure that regulatory requirements and safety standards in construction,
equipment and operation are met.








We have the knowledge, experience and high standards needed to
work safely within the off-shore and energy industries.
Drawing on many years of operational counter terrorism experience
gained in both land and maritime contexts, we provide a complete
protection and risk management service.


We work in accordance with Industry Health and Safety
standards, and tailor our services to the specific needs of
each client. We can help with:

Operational Planning/SOP’s | Corporate Security Plans and Policies
Travel Management and Tracking | High Risk Environment Training







Superyachts attract attention wherever they go. Due to an ever-present risk of
international terrorism and piracy, Superyacht crews have a responsibility
to themselves, and their guests.

We developed a range of security services for Superyachts of all sizes
(power and sail), and have grown to become an industry-leader in maritime
security and emergency response.

"As always, Veritas are extremely professional and courteous in all aspects
of the security they provide. They really did go that extra step in ensuring
that I was fully up to speed on the current status of the piracy operations
as well as making myself, the crew and shore-based management
feel safe and secure whilst crossing this hostile stretch of water."

– Captain 60m Yacht






Drawing on our expertise in Superyacht security, we offer high quality training courses.
Professional, immersive and high-energy, they encourage team-bonding and confident
leadership. And most importantly, your crew will be security ready.

We understand the cultural diversities of a Superyacht crew, and we structure each
course to meet the needs of your yacht, owner and crew. Training might cover security
chaperone responsibilities, close protection or advanced restraint techniques. By using
realistic role-play scenarios, we’ll teach crew members skills that will remain relevant
throughout their career.


What participants receive:

  • Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) accredited, internationally recognised certification
  • MCA approved instructors
  • Understanding of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD) or Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA) qualifications
  • Ships Security Officer (SSO) qualification and continued support
  • Training in current piracy tactics and effective counter measures
  • Practical security procedures and how to create a security culture on-board
  • Conflict resolution: dealing with hostile situations on-board or ashore
  • Basic self-defence and physical intervention techniques
  • Principles of travel security
  • Team building exercises to improve performance and crew efficiency
  • Bespoke course materials and workbooks