Veritas International




Our teams are trained in gathering specialist intelligence
and have many years’ experience of domestic and international
operations in the most challenging environments. They never
make assumptions reporting only the hard facts.
Professional and sophisticated countermeasures provide
the ability to confirm or deny the presence of any
unwanted attention in a relatively short period of time.


Our areas of expertise include:

Points of Interest | Facilities | Assets | Kidnap and Ransom
Pattern of Life | Personal Financial Threats | Insurance Loss Adjustment







We provide clients with a Travel Advice and Crisis Response (TACR) service,
to inform them of specific conditions that may affect their safety and security abroad.

In addition, our risk advisory service gives clients a comprehensive understanding of the
operational and strategic risks they may face in new or emerging markets
and challenging locations. We work closely with our clients to mitigate the risks identified.

Our highly-qualified teams come from a range of backgrounds, including intelligence agencies,
UK Special Forces, finance and academia. Their expertise range from country-specific
analysis to global risk forecasting, and they work with private clients and international organisations.


Here are some of our services:

Security Analysis and Threat Assessments | Due Diligence | Business Intelligence
Political Risk Assessments | GIS Risk Mapping | Strategic Forecasting | Focused Strategic Analysis






International Executives face increasingly complex security challenges,
including extortion, abduction, corporate espionage and terrorism.
These risks have the potential to inflict significant damage to business,
personnel and professional reputation. And yet, most companies are unprepared to
manage a crisis. We will work with your company to establish a corporate crisis
plan with clearly defined boundaries and responsibilities.











Our consultants are highly experienced in carrying out bespoke,
detailed security surveys. We work all over the world for clients
in government, industry, insurance companies and private individuals.

Our surveys range from initial assessments to detailed examinations
of corporate headquarters and remote, high-value facilities.
We identify security risks and provide comprehensive,
actionable and affordable recommendations for mitigating risk.


Here are some of the areas we consider in our surveys:

Physical Security | Risks to Personnel and Assets
Contingency and Emergency Response Planning






Veritas' in-house GIS cell utilises ESRI's ArcGIS platform to produce unique, client specific maps. Spacial Analysis is how we understand our world – mapping where points of interest are, how they relate to one another and what it actually means.

Detecting & Quantifying Patterns

Our heat maps visually identify clusters of activity, in this case insecurity. Detecting and quantifying patterns in data can be used to find hot spots and analyse changes in patterns overtime.


Understanding Where

Putting the world in context by understanding where something is or occurs. Geocoding data, putting it on a map, will help you visulise and understand your data and or footprint or help you select future direction.


Predictive Analysis

Where is the next point of insecurity? How can we influence its causes in order to better protect our people and asserts? "All politics is local", so said Tip O'Neil: Veritas' Predictive Analysis service creates a multi- layered map, based on historical GIS data augmented with unique research and analysis, that informs the decision making process.

Tip O'Neil – former Speaker of the US House of Representatives


Give Context to Your Data

Veritas will overlay your data on top of world imagery, streets, topographic maps, ocean base maps and bespoke data sets in order to give you a fresh, unique perspective. Our ArcGIS system has an archive of base maps in multiple cartographic styles designed to emphasise different views of the world.









Veritas provides specialised security, project management and technical services.
Support includes secure and non-secure telecommunications, security administration
and technical support. We assist in the control and management of information and
operations and in the establishment and implementation of security policies
and procedures.

We help our clients to plan, manage and execute business critical operations,
deliver valued-added solutions and meet program and compliance requirements.
We work to bridge the gap between strategy and an organisation’s day-to-day operations
to achieve strategic and operational objectives.

Veritas also provides support for personnel and physical security requirements,
including consultation, security surveys and audits.







Veritas have protected construction programmes in the world’s most remote
and difficult areas and appreciate that construction projects come with their
own unique, critical challenges. We provide impact assessments, engage with
key stakeholders and hire from the local communities in order to help develop
our client’s Acceptance Strategy and legacy.

We protect against theft and ensure that we meet the challenges of today while
reducing risk and help position the opportunities of tomorrow.









Operating in unstable environments where political neutrality is no guarantee of personal
safety and security, it is essential to adopt a holistic approach to security in order
to protect both personnel and assets. Working with our local network, as well as drawing
upon our extensive experience supplying security to some of the world’s most highly-regarded
companies, Veritas can provide trusted support in the most difficult of environments.

We understand the unique challenges faced by clients in these environments, whether they are
security driven or associated with the additional oversight and scrutiny often faced by
international companies. We have a deep knowledge of the issues and an extensive network
to rely upon.