Veritas International




As a leading international private security company, Veritas appreciates its responsibility for setting an example in ethical business practice. In response to the UK Bribery Act (which came into force on 1 July 2011) Veritas has made every effort to review its practices, identify potential risks and raise awareness of the Act amongst its employees and stakeholders throughout its national and international areas of operations.

The Veritas Anti Corruption Policy makes clear the specific responsibilities of all employees, sub contractors and business partners and requires all employees, sub contractors, partners, agents, suppliers and customers to comply with the new regulation.

Involvement in the activities covered by the Bribery Act by any of our suppliers, customers, partners and agents can lead to termination of all the relevant agreements and relationships. In light of the increased and broadly defined offenses described in the UK Bribery Act, Veritas has made a concerted effort to raise employees, sub contractors’, suppliers, customers, partners awareness of the continued responsibilities to comply with the new broader regulation.

Veritas remains committed to ensuring that all of its operations continue to comply with the UK Bribery Act and that its policy implementation procedures are constantly monitored and updated. Veritas has a zero tolerance policy regarding bribery that is fully backed throughout the business and by the Board of Directors.